Skid Steer Attachments Are Plug-And-Play

Thankfully, skid steer attachments are plug-and-play. The way things used to be several years ago, every time a skid steer loader operator wanted to use a new attachment, there was a proprietary way of attaching the tool to the machine. With the EZ Mount skid steer attachments system, there is a universal attachment plate that accepts a growing number of skid steer attachments.

The EZ Mount mounting plate is a heavy-duty steel reusable attachment plate with optional couplers for hydraulic systems as well as connecting mechanisms for all of these skid steer attachments:

  • The 8 Foot Boom: This boom is intended to handle heavy trusses when building roofs for buildings, but it is also incredibly useful for hoisting other things as needed. It extends straight up and is rated for 1000 pounds. The 8 foot boom connect to the EZ Mount plate via 8 bolts that are included in the package.
  • The Auger Head: Auger skid steer attachments seem like a single-use tool, but are incredibly versatile. The auger can be used to place precise holes in the earth for fence posts, deck and pole barn footers. But there are hundreds of ways that landscapers andf construction crews can make use of this attachment. The EZ Mount just makes it that much quicker to access.
  • The Log Splitter: The log splitter attachment is one of those skid steer attachments that instantly goes into the “back-saver” category. Like scoops, buckets, and concrete breakers, the log splitter will make short work of cord after cord of fallen tree, without your ever raising an axe. It attaches easily to the EZ Mount.
  • The Salt and Seed Spreader: This attachment is special in that it is one that does double duty through the change of seasons. From broadcasting sand and salt in the Winter to keep walkways and driveways safe, to seeding new lawns come Spring, it’s great to know that this skid steer attachment will be accommodated by the EZ Mount.
  • 3 Point Adapter: This ingenious device makes tractor-only attachments available for the skid steer. By integrating the 3 Point Adapter with the EZ Mount System, a whole new world opens up to the skid steer owner. Farm equipment formerly relegated to tractor operation is now easy to switch in and out.

The EZ Mount System does what its name implies: makes myriad skid steer attachments easy to mount and use.

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