Skid Steer Attachment Review: Bradco Backhoes

Making a skid steer attachment everyone will like can be pretty tough. I mean, look how hard it is just to make a dinner everyone will like. People are different, and for every person, there are just as many opinions. Just ask the average mom or dad who cooks dinner for their kids. There will always be the one kid who can’t get enough, and the other kid who can’t get away quickly enough. It’s in The Rules.

The Rules also apply elsewhere. Even in the world of the skid steer attachment, there are tools that are a Godsend to some, yet not that useful for others. Not everyone is interested in the cement-mixing attachment. Not everyone need a tree spade. It’s not a matter of taste — not like tuna casserole — but a matter of need and usage. The Bradco backhoe is one skid steer attachment that everyone can love. (Not like tuna casserole.)

Bradco is a company that makes very good quality fixed backhoes. A fixed backhoe is a skid steer attachment that has its own seat and stays in one location while it digs and dumps. There have been other fixed backhoe attachments available, but the larger ones restricted the movement of the digging arm and presented dangers to operators that were dubious with safety precautions. The backhoes that merely attached to the skid steer’s boom were highly mobile, but quite small.

The Bradco backhoe is a truly commercial-grade skid steer attachment. It comes in two models: the 509 and the 511. Either one amounts to a formidable skid steer attachment; the 511’s operational specs show that, simply because it is larger than the 509, it can reach a bit farther, carry a bit more weight, and dig deeper holes and trenches. Both of the models feature controls that are fully independent of those that operate the skid steer, they both use a dual-cylinder swing system, and boast best-in-class digging force.

In the innovative skid steer attachment industry, there are always tools coming out that solve a particular problem for a particular kind of job. And it usually catches on, because there are always others that have been just wishing someone would make that attachment. But it’s a real pleasure when there’s a tool on the market that just seems to work for everyone. The Bradco Backhoe skid steer attachment is a perfect example of that universally useful tool.

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How Three Bobcat attachments Helped Me Get My Property Back!

Three Bobcat attachments helped me save a big piece of my property that might have been improperly zoned and taxed.

A county inspector dropped by my property for an assessment, and noticed on this particular visit that there were plants growing near the rear of the property that are usually found in low-lying wetlands. He said he was going to make plans to deem that part of my property wetlands, which means they are uninhabitable by people, and unsuitable for building.

Well, I didn’t want to pay taxes on land that had suddenly been labeled as useless by a government official. So I hatched a plan to use my skid steer loader and a handful of Bobcat attachments to make my property viable and productive again. And to pass zoning standards.

The aquatic vegetation at the rear of the parcel had begun growing as a result of poor drainage in that area, not because there were any wetlands. In the winters, standing water would collect and create optimal growing conditions for those species. The rest of the property is completely flat, but has a few rolls and depressions creating some other low spots.

The first order of business was to use my Bobcat attachments to prepare the soil over the entire parcel, so that it would be pliable and movable. Using a 3-Point Adapter attachment to couple with a Roto-Tiller attachment, I broke up the sod and soil and prepare it for movement.

Then I attached a Harley Rake, another of my useful Bobcat attachments. It’s used to thoroughly break down the surface soils, to level the grade, and prepare the seed bed. The big step was to create a drainage ditch across the entire back line of the lot. So I stuck on the third of my Bobcat attachments — a small backhoe attachment — and created a uniform trench.

Next, I needed to do something with the soil I had dug. So I stuck on another of my Bobcat attachments, a grader blade, and graded the entire area to a nice level grade, which brought me to the seeding. Luckily I had one of my Bobcat attachments for that.

Using the Seeder attachment, I was able to seed the entire five acre lot in short order. And to help the seed with soil contact, I used the roller attachment, and rolled over the five acres.

Currently, my land has no more drainage issues, no more wetland vegetation, and the inspector has zoned it for appropriate use. Now that’s recycling, thanks to my skid steer loader and my versatile Bobcat attachments.

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