Bobcat Attachment Review: Vibratory Roller

The bobcat attachment that can pack the dirt like no other are the Heavy Duty Skid Steer Vibratory Rollers. The fact is, these rollers can pack dirt at up to almost 9,400 pounds of force when operating at 20 GPM.

There are two basic type of this bobcat attachment. You can get a smooth version or a padded version. There are 8 models of these versions available, 4 for the smooth and 4 for the padded. They are available in 48, 66, 73 and 84-inch sizes and each has a maximum flow rate of 25 GPM. They weigh anywhere between 1,680 and 2,455 pounds, depending on the size you choose. All are shipped with ½ inch face couplers and the accompanying hoses. These vibratory rollers are high quality and can be used perfectly in any industrial size projects with your bobcat.

The smooth version of this bobcat attachment is ideal for sand and gravel. The hydraulic drives of these rollers are isolated and protected so you won’t have to worry about damage from outside factors. They are all 24 inches in diameter with a speed of 2,600 vibrations per minute (VPM).

The padded version is most effective for packing loose dirt and when it gets wet and sticky, the mud clings to the protruding pads after each pass, so this bobcat attachment comes with a grate that scrapes the mud of the roller continuously. This also comes on the smooth roller as well. They are 22 inches in diameter and also carry a speed of 2,600 VPM.

The fact is, you have a road or path that needs to be flattened, we have the best bobcat attachment for the job. Get the job done right the first time with the tool that was designed for it in the beginning. Using the cheaper knock-offs may result in damage to you loader and lost investment over the course of a summer.

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