The Washington skid steer salt, sand, seed, and fertilizer-ready material spreaders are ideal for new housing developments and other commercial landscaping applications where grass seed and fertilizer is needed throughout the year. And they can be used for large spaces or small. But they are also perfect for spreading ice melter, sand and salt.
Having a Washington skid steer loader for a snow removal job is one thing, but with the material spreader, a skid steer operator could offer an extra service and apply ice melt and a layer of sand or salt for safety. A complete job done well, all year round, with one Washington skid steer loader.

The side-shooter is great if the Washington skid steer owner needs to spread seed or broadcast sand or salt (or some other material), but may want to avoid driving on the treated surface with the. The larger of each material spreader holds just a little bit more than a cubic yard of granulate, while the smaller unit’s capacity can hold just a hair under a yard of material. They are all made with sturdy, high-quality steel, and each spreader unit has been engineered and built to withstand years and years of hard labor.

All of the necessary hoses are included as part of the package, and the only optional items are the hydraulic couplers for each particular machine, and if the owner wishes, he or she can request that the manual gate valve be upgraded to incorporate hydraulic control. Apparently, some materials, like calcium chloride, flow quickly enough out the chute that a more delicate control mechanism is required. These hydraulic controls also let the Washington skid steer loader operator control everything from the cab with a light touch of a lever.

One of the most useful features about this multi-material spreader is that it is constructed of materials that are tough enough to allow the Washington skid steer loader driver to actually scoop the granulated salt, sand, seed or feed right up with the attachment. There is no need to shovel everything by hand, or load it with a separate bucket attachment (and then disconnect the bucket and reconnect the spreader) to load it. An especially useful feature for those Washington skid steer owners who use the spreader frequently, the scooping spreader does cost a bit more money than some other salt, sand, seed and fertilizer spreaders for the Washington skid steer.

But this spreader attachment, with its myriad standard features and convenient options saves a Washington skid steer owner a lot of time and can be used all year round. Rather than storing it in the shed during the off-season (whichever season that is), you can keep it in your regular rotation of go-to tools.

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