Bobcat attachments will end up saving you money, whether you realize it or not. That’s because there’s no need to purchase a full-sized backhoe anymore if you already own a Bobcat. That’s because the backhoe, one of the original Bobcat attachments, is still going strong, even if there have been some dramatic improvements made to the original design over the years. There are several types of backhoe Bobcat attachments available from Skid Steer Solutions, represented best by the eTerra E70 and the Bradco 500 series.

While both of these models excel at traditional trenching and ditching, carving footings for any kind of exterior building or deck, or making a hole for a big new tree, each of these rugged Bobcat attachments has its own unique set of advantages.

E70 Backhoe
Like most other Bobcat attachments, this backhoe connects directly to the boom. It is basically an extension arm with a rear-facing bucket, manipulated by controls inside the skid steer loader cab. It comes equipped with a quick-change coupler, and several sizes of backhoe bucket. The quick-change coupler makes this backhoe attachment especially versatile, because as the name implies, the coupler allows the operator to easily and quickly switch Bobcat attachments for maximum time management efficiency.

But the ingenious feature of the E70 is its hydraulic thumb. Now this backhoe can be used as a long-reaching grapple, moving rocks and debris between dedicated trenching and ditching jobs. This is an excellent feature for the landscaper who needs to do it all without ever leaving the cab. It can all be an essential helper in disaster clean-up, with its long reach and strong grip, picking up any kind of debris while the operator remains safe inside the Bobcat’s cab.

Bradco 511
This full-sized backhoe attachment is a Bobcat-powered, external machine, with its own stabilizers, controls and seat for the operator. With its fully independent control-set, the 511 excels when it comes to basic dig-swing-and-dump work. It has a dual-cylinder swing system with speed control. The Bradco backhoe ground clearance is excellent, it handles high-capacity buckets with ease, and it has the most powerful digging force in its class.

While both of these quality Bobcat attachments may be different, they are definitely at the top of their class when it comes to getting the job done.

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