The 2 Plus skid steer tracks from Skid Steer Solutions are a completely new breed of track for the skid steer loader. It’s hard to believe that a quality set of skid steer tracks could use improvement, but the 2 Plus product does just that.

Skid steer tracks were developed initially to help get the tough little four-wheel machine from getting stuck in extremely soft terrain like sand, wet mud and clay, and loose gravel. As agile as the skid steer loader is in every other condition, from pavement and hard-packed dirt to turf and hills, the four-wheel configuration became “dozer-ized” with the addition of quality skid steer tracks.

Now the 2 Plus skid steer tracks take the technology a couple of steps forward. First and foremost, these tracks are 50% lighter than the previous product. Half the weight. The result of a super-hardening process, the steel in the 2 Plus skid steer tracks is every bit as tough and durable as that of their predecessors, but the lower weight takes a significantly lower toll on the drivetrain of the skid steer loader.

The low weight also makes them easier to install. The 2 Plus tracks ship with an easy installation tool, and require only one person to put them on the machine. Prior track configurations also required the installer to really crank the bolts tight once the everything was in place, but the 2 Plus system requires less elbow grease for the job.

Once the 2 Plus skid steer tracks are installed, they are much more secure, due to high sides and deep tapers. It is much more difficult to throw off a track in the field due to the high-wall profile. And if you do damage one of the treads, each one is individually replaceable.

An important thing to do before ordering the 2 Plus skid steer track system is measure your machine. It is crucial, even with the 10” set, that the tracks clear both the frame and the boom of the skid steer loader. If there is less than 3 inches of clear space between the frame and the skid steer tire’s sidewall, it will be necessary to either flip your reversible rims or to buy and install wheel spacers, to avoid track contact with the frame.

The same goes for the boom. Boom spacers are available as well, if there is less than 2 inches of space to accommodate the 2 Plus skid steer tracks. These considerations coupled with the price of the 2 Plus track system are nothing compared to the benefits of making your skid steer loader absolutely unstoppable in any conditions.

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